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BAG- Ch 6

Chapter 06: Minho's ring tone.
By: cutterpillow92 

Ji Hyun's heart was booming like a stereo. She felt her knees gone jell-O (what made it weaker is when leader Onew held her waist all the time), and her eyes were sparkling in delight. Her favorite band is in front of her eyes, present, breathing, it is reality and not her favorite hobby-- daydreaming. She could even feel butterflies around her stomach.

"We're home!!!" Taemin yelled. His hyungs were busy doing their personal matters.

Jonghyun is playing with the PSP, Key is cooking dinner and Minho.... Minho is reading a girl magazine? (Which Jonghyun had notice and had been constantly telling Key ever since he brought out the magazine and started reading it.)

Jonghyun looked at the door and was quite surprised to see a girl visiting their dorm.

"Who is she?" Rudeness, yes. That's the perfect word to describe, bling bling or Kim Jonghyun.

Jonghyun + smug = perfect combination.

Everybody’s eyes were focused on Onew, Ji Hyun and Taemin who is now standing in the main door.

Ji Hyun looked at Taemin who looked at his hyung, Onew.

Onew wrapped his arms around Ji Hyun and glued his cheeks closer to her. Her chest started to thump double time.

"This is my sister, Ji Hyun."

Strike ONE.

Her eyes became big and wide from what she heard. Lee Taemin's chest started to throb uncontrollably. He wanted to hit Onew's face and make him lose another tooth again but three sets of eyes that looked puzzled made him stop from doing so.

Ji Hyun snapped on her left. Onew's jaw is so closed to her that she is restraining herself to kiss it and other weird stuffs her mind is producing.

"Ha! What the hell are you talking about Onew?" Jonghyun alleged. He saved his game and turns it off. Minho closed the magazine and stare at them. Ji Hyun wanted to grin from ears to ears from the sight of Minho and Jonghyun.

"Yah~ Jjong's correct. Since when did you have a sister?" Key butt in whereas he was still holding the spatula. "Stop lying you liar!"

Onew started to fidget, his skill isn't working as of now. He thought of a better idea -- use his power (since he is the eldest and the leader.) "YAH! Since when did you start questioning your hyung? Ha? Ha!"

He walked over to Jonghyun and to Key and gave them knuckles on each head.

"Ouch! What the hell is that for?"

"Everything that came from my mouth are real!"

Strike TWO.

On the side, Taemin's mouth started to quiver (or more of murmuring something.) Ji Hyun pouted and looked at him confused.

[ I'm so sorry but i love you da geo-jis-mar ~ I-ya mor-rass-eo i-je-ya ar-ass-eo ne-ga pir-yo-hae ~ I'm so sorry but i love you nar-ka-ro-un mar ~ Hwas-gim-e na-do mo-reu-ge neor tteo-na-bo-naess-ji-man ]

Everybody fell in silence and look at Minho. LIES by BIGBANG was being played in the background and it was Minho’s ringtone. He grinned at them and eyes squinted.

At Ji Hyun's mind, she wanted to pinch his cheeks.

He answered the phone and whisper in hast, "I'll call you later, something came up."

And everything became normal again like no one had disturb the tense feeling of the three newly comers had. Minho gazed at him (with doubts on his eyes.) He exactly knew what his hyung said was another lie of him again. In fact, all of them knew that he occasionally frequently lies. But he did not utter any sound compare to what Jonghyun and Key did.

He got irritated with Minho's inert reaction. He walked over to him and gave him a knuckle on his head as well. Minho smirked and rubbed his head.

Leader Onew stood in the middle of the living room with everyone’s eyes were at him. "Okay, listen. I will not repeat this again. Kim Ji Hyun is my sister. Araso?" All of them were puzzled however they nodded to prevent Onew from ranting. "End of discussion!" His eyebrows were furrowed in vexation. "R-rather, we will d-discuss this l-later."

Onew pulled Ji Hyun's hand who is busy bowing her head at Minho, Key and Jonghyun. Taemin trailed them behind as he pulled her bag. As he pass by his hyungs, it was pretty obvious that he was scared with the way they looked at them. He pressed his lips together and skipped quickly.

As they vanished out of their sights…

"Geuneun michyeosseo." Key commented. The two nodded in consent.

"At the same time, something’s smells fishy." Jonghyun sniffs.

"I knew it! I thought, I was the only one who noticed it! Have you seen Onew hyung and Taemin's eyes, they were twitching! It means they are nervous! And from Onew hyung's last sentence, he was stuttering! Something is really fishy between those three." He shifted his weight on his other foot and started to tap the wooden floor.

"No Key, literally, I can smell a fish..." Minho utter and looked at the kitchen.

"AH!~" Key scream (like a girl) as he remembers the dinner he was cooking. Quickly, he ran to the kitchen and tried to salvage the burning fish and their dinner.

Jonghyun and Minho shook their heads and resume what they are doing earlier.


By the time Taemin closed the door behind him; Onew huffed aloud and wipe his forehead (which is sweating really hard).

His eyes grew wide, "I thought Jonghyun would jump into me when I gave him some knuckles on his head."

"Yeah. I got scared as well!" He was catching his breath. His right hand was placed on his chest. Then Taemin’s expression changed. "And yah! Why did you do that for?! You know Key hyung and Jonghyun hyung’s temper! Luckily, my prayers worked! Or else, we would have to send you to the hospital!"

Ji Hyun plucked out her handkerchief and without her thinking; she wiped it on Onew's waterfalls-like forehead.

At first, he was taken aback; subsequently he smiled at her action. At the same time, he enjoyed staring at her face.


She blushed and bit her lips. 'oh my god. Oh my god. kyaaaa~ onew-ssi.

"Yah~" Taemin whined. "Ji Hyun-ssi! I'm worried about you too, you know?! See! I'm sweating bullets here!" He pointed at his forehead with his eyebrows getting wrinkled. Ji Hyun's heart wanted to burst -- burst from happiness and to the attention that these boys are giving to her.

Aigooooo... Taemin-ssi is so cute to resist!

She stood up and went beside Taemin. Both of them are enjoying what Ji Hyun is doing. Taemin liked being served. While Ji Hyun likes wiping his face, it was something she wished too.

Ji Hyun stop. Somewhat it made Taemin grimaced. "Onew-ssi, what should we do? How would you settle this?"

"Which reminds me, why do you have to tell them that she is your sister?"

"It's the spark of adrenalin rush! Wae? If you were on my place, what would you say? Ha! Tell me, Lee Taemin!" Ji Hyun looked at him innocently. He was avoiding her gaze -- their gazes. "Let me guess you'll be using your innocent tactics again?"

Taemin made an 'L' sign with his finger. "Whatever loser!"

Ji Hyun laughed. Onew started to mock again, "see? I'm really a good hyung who helps you all the time. Can Jonghyun do that? Key? Minho? I am the only person who can lie for you."

Taemin nodded in everything he gloats. As he heard them on his right ear, he will grind it and let it pass on his left ear. He stopped nodding when he heard nothing from Onew. "Are you done now? Can I talk now?"

Onew did not move an inch. "Well... Onew HYUNG, FYI I bet those guys can lie better than you. Or they could even just tell the truth."

Onew chuckled. "Taemin-ssi, would you like me to remind you about something again? This girl." He sharply pointed his index finger at Ji Hyun and she finds it really disrespectful. It made her mouth heave a loud sigh. Being a brat with a really strong personality, she wouldn’t let this impudent incident end that way. "It’s because of your reckless attitude that’s why you got caught in this! And also, on the first place, you know you’re still a minor, then why are you on these stuffs?!" Onew's voice started to rise. Taemin never heard him scold like this before.

'Uh-oh, I pulled the trigger', he thought. He swallowed hard.

"Hyung, mianhe."

"Lee Taemin! Why are you saying sorry to him? It's not your fault." She faced Onew with clench fingers. "You should be the one saying sorry to me and to Taemin-ssi! I have a name, okay?! It’s Kim Ji Hyun!" She paused and catches her breath. Talking without pausing is somewhat tiring for her. "Is it Taemin's fault, is his curiosity is like that?! Of course, when you are interested on something, you'll find a way to gain more knowledge about it!"

Taemin nudge Ji Hyun's forearm and whisper, "Ji Hyun-ssi, stop, you are embarrassing me."

She lightly scratches her neck and smiled, "sorry, I got carried away." She exhales loud again. "What I'm saying is, it's not Taemin-ssi's fault if he is interested at porno---"

Ji Hyun halt when the door suddenly opens, luckily she did not finish her sentence. "Guys, dinner is served. Come out now."

It was Key, making the dinner call. They all nodded and smile nervously at him. He closed the door again and they let out a sigh.

"Hyung! What should we do?! I almost got caught!"

The two teenagers (?) started to act like a 12 year-old kid again. It made Onew irritated.

"Calm down! I'm thinking!" Taemin and Ji Hyun went to hugged each other. They were nervous. They totally are! It was so close to reveal Taemin's deepest dark secret.

"Ji Hyun-ssi! Can you please stop telling that word? Please!"

"Fine! Fine! This will be the last time; you’ll be hearing that word to me. I will shut my mouth now. God, I'm so scared!"

"Okay... stop being childish, the two of you. I've got a plan now, I assume, by the time we got out of this room, and sat on those chair, they will bombard questions. The only thing that you will do is to shut your mouth. Ji Hyun will be my cousin. We will tell them that, you ran away from your house because ugh... Uhm... ugh... I don’t know! We’ll just tell them whatever stuffs our mouths will spill. Got it?"

"Yes, sir!"


The dining room was indeed in silence. Awkwardness fills in the room and Ji Hyun is now hungry. She got hungrier by the smell and looks of Key's mouth watering dishes.

She looked at Onew with those pleading eyes.

His lips formed a smile and pass the closest plate he could touch to Ji Hyun, "Ji-Hyun, you can eat now."

"Kamsamnida Onew-ssi." She licked her lips and grinned at him.

"Onew-ssi?" Key, Jonghyun, and Minho chorused together. The three of them looked at them confused

Taemin kicked Onew's leg. Who was dazed on what he heard.

"Ahhhh. I call him Onew-ssi because we haven’t taken out the formal basis between the two of us. Don’t worry; I will call you Ki Bum-ssi, Jonghyun-ssi, Minho-ssi and Taemin-ssi." She gave them her best smile, hoping the three people in front of them won’t notice the tension they felt.

"Ohhh... By the way, if you don’t mind..." Jonghyun paused for a while, thinking her name.

"Ji-Hyun... Kim Ji Hyun." She said.

"... Ji Hyun-ssi, can you at least tell us your relationship with Onew? He said, you are his sister, but Onew doesn’t have any siblings."

"Well... Ugh..." She scratched her cheeks. She looked at Onew with squinted eyes. Taemin is quivering again. He kicked Onew's leg for the second time.

"Literally she is not my sister. But she is the daughter of my dad's cousin. We grew up together, that’s why we treat each other like we are real siblings."

"Ah. I see. Then why is she staying with us?" Key questioned.

"She runaway from their house."

All of them gasp quietly. Minho stared at her blankly and he blinked his eyes in disbelief. How could a young girl, runaway from her parents? He thought as she stare at her.

"Since you're going to stay with us, and of course from today and onwards we will be family. Is it possible if you could tell us, why did you runaway?" The ever most curious Jonghyun asked with full of respect.

Ji Hyun felt like melting. Her favorite member and crush is talking to her, and he even said that they are going to be family. It made her squealed in her head.

"If you find it too personal, it’s okay. We won’t mind if you would not tell us." Key pressed his lips and smiled.

"Most of the time, my parents are away so I thought there's no point of staying at our house. Besides, they don’t even give a damn whenever I'm there or not. So I decided to explore this world with my own two feet."

She grinned at them and started to eat her dinner again. Quiescence fills in the room for the second time. Onew thought it was a good alibi but at the back of their minds, they knew that there's more of Kim Ji Hyun than meets the eye.


In the middle of the night, Ji Hyun stared at the ceiling. She cannot sleep. She is tired from today’s weird yet exciting happening. She is now living with SHINee... and now, how would she act knowing that Kim Jonghyun, her ultimate crush, is just a room away?


Distress from counting the sheeps and talking to her new friend—Mr. Ceiling, she stood up and decided to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

On her way back to her room, she heard some faint sounds -- it was crying. Someone is crying. She gulped and it was coming from on the last room, where SHINee's pc was located.

Could it be, SHINee's dorm is haunted? She thought frightfully. Her heart was thumping very fast and she started making some sounds. She was actually scared on stuffs like that. Her breath was the only thing being heard from this lull.

She decided to act brave. She marched towards and the door. As she came closer, the whimpers and sobs were getting distinct.

She swallowed hard once more and twists the doorknob.

Then she saw...


Geuneun michyeosseo - he is crazy
jwesonghamnida, mianhe - Im sorry
Komapsumnida - thank you.

Tags: s: boys and girls
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