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BAG- Ch 8

Chapter 08: Tokyo Juliet and fan meeting pt. 2
By: cutterpillow92 

When she got back to the dorm, Ji Hyun was nervous. Inside the living room with Choi Minho, she walks back and forth that he finds it bothersome.

"Ji Hyun-ssi, are you okay? You seem to have a deep deep problem."

"Uhm... I am waiting for Onew-ssi, I have something to tell him."

Minho looked at her, a little bit puzzled, "Isn't he your cousin? I supposed, you have his number saved on your mobile phone?"

Ji Hyun gulped. What the flaming charisma had said made her more nervous. 'Uh-oh' she thought. 'What should I do?!! Crap! Why does the flaming charisma have to be this nosy?!

She laughed nervously, "I sort of delete his number because my classmates were playing with my phone... You know, they might call him or whatsoever, and Onew-ssi might get angry with me." She grinned at him uncertainly. She never ever once thought that being a liar could be an infectious disease. The other person seems convinced on what she said.

"Well then let’s wait for him."

Not long after they had this small chit chat, the door flew open and leader Onew is standing in front of them. It brought a big, wide grin on Ji Hyun's face. Out of excitement and (sort of yearning) Ji Hyun walked towards him and clutched her arms around his neck. It made Onew nervous and giddy?

He smiled and guffawed a little, and then he said on her ear, "Ji Hyun-ssi, what's wrong?"

"I have something to tell you, it’s really important. You might even kill me when you’d hear it. But please, I need your cooperation. Also, Taemin-ssi's."

"The three of you will have another general assembly again?" Minho asked. Ji Hyun let go of Onew and faced him.

"Ah, yes. Don't worry, I will tell it to you guys as well. I just need my cousin's opinion first." She beamed at him once more, and shot a 'S-O-S' look at Onew.


"Did you do something again?" Onew started the interrogation; he folded his arms and glued it closer to his chest.

She giggled like a child then kneel in front of him and clasps her fingers together, "Onew-ssi, I'm so sorry. I did not intend to do this, but my friend is just super concern about me, so I told her that I am staying with you guys."

"YOU WHAT???!!! KIM JI HYUN!!! Don’t you realize, you’re putting too much pressure on my shoulder?!"

"I'm so sorry Onew-ssi, I really am so sorry! I know, if you are on my position, I bet you will tell your friend too. Especially, if she's your only friend."

Taemin felt sorry, he sat beside her and started to pat her forearm. "Hyung, I don’t think, it’s a big deal if she told her friend, and perhaps I would do the same too." He then faced Ji Hyun, "Ji Hyun-ssi, who’s friend is that?"


"Oh, the Japanese girl?" Ji Hyun nodded. Taemin gawked back at Onew, "Hyung, you really shouldn't be angry with her, because that girl, Yui-ssi knows my secret too." Taemin said, as matter-of-fact and it seems like he was even proud of it. He continued to comfort Ji Hyun. Onew sucked in some air, and slowly released it, trying to control his self before he could shout at Lee Taemin and with his unscrupulous tone.

"Fine. Fine. As long as she won’t go and visit us here."

Ji Hyun laughed silently again. "Erm, the truth is, she doesn't believe me, in the end she wants me to prove it, so she said she will go here the day after tomorrow."



The atmosphere seems awkward again. Nobody is talking, irritation was etched on Onew's face and nervousness was written on Taemin and Ji Hyun's face. She swigged.

"I have something to tell you, and I sincerely hope you won’t mind. This will be the first and last time, I'll be doing this, and I'm really sorry."

"What is it Ji Hyun-ssi?" Minho asks before he chews his food.

"I told my friend that I am staying here with you guys and she said she wanted to go here."

"You what?! Yah, Ji Hyun-ssi, even though you are Onew's cousin, don't you think you're quite being a spoiled brat? You know how fans could react when they are near their idols!" Key bewilders.

Instead of getting surprised with his tone, Ji Hyun snapped her fingers, "ah. Ki Bum-ssi, don't worry, my friend is not a fan. In fact, she's doesn't know all of your names."

"OUCH!" Jonghyun butted in. He placed his right hand on his chest as if he was really hurt. "I never thought, there is one person on this planet who doesn't even know SHINee."

Taemin looked at his hyung (with disgust) who is an over exaggerated guy.

"I'm okay with that." Minho pressed his lips together and smile at her. "I guess, it would not hurt to meet Ji Hyun-ssi’s friend."

Ji Hyun sniffed. She was touched and she is now getting emotional on what Minho had said. She wiped the edge of her eyes, "Komapsumnida (thank you), Minho-ssi."

Onew wiped his forehead and whisper, "oh boy."


Two days after. It was the day Onew had said, 'Armageddon'. Ji Hyun’s friend will now go to the SHINee's dorm. The two of them decided to meet at the cafe.

Yui wore nice clothing, in fact, Ji Hyun suggested it. Knowing Yui as the fashion terrorist, she helps her choose her clothes over the telephone. She wanted her friend to look good in front of these boys, 'who knows' Ji Hyun deemed, one of them might like her... but please! Not Jonghyun-ssi!

She waited for Yui until she could finished her shift, as her eyes roam around the cafe, she noticed the same guy hanging around looking directly at Yui, just like the other day when she got kicked out of her apartment. Somehow, Ji Hyun was more bothered with his strange actions.

"Yo!" Yui clapped her hands in front of Ji Hyun. "Let's go."

Ji Hyun shook her head and as always, the guy disappeared again. It sent shivers down her spine. Could it be somebody is watching Yui? Or her?


Her hand phone suddenly vibrated. She paused and stared at the caller id, before she decided to answer the call. "Ah. Chotto (wait)." Yui said and walk away from her.

She was talking in straight Nihonggo, Ji Hyun cannot understand it and she cannot hear it that clear. Her voice varies on every respond she made. Sometimes, her eyebrows would even crinkle.

After few minutes of discussion, Yui walked back closer to Ji Hyun, her facial expression was an intact example of being apologetic.

"Ji Hyun, gomen ne (I'm sorry)... something, came up, I need to fly back to Japan."


"Yes, now." Ji Hyun grimaced. Yui held her by her shoulders and say, "I don't even want to go back to Japan, but it's really urgent and really important. Don't worry; I'll be back... perhaps after five to seven days. Then I will go to your house."


"Yakusoku (I promise). If you want to, once my feet touch the Seoul's floor again, fetch me at the airport and we'll go to your house together."

"That's awesome! I like that idea!" She simpered. Ji Hyun pouted; in fact ever since Yui came to Seoul, she had never mention Tokyo that's why, even though for the shortest time, she felt sad knowing Yui would go back to her own country.

Before separating with one another, Yui and Ji Hyun gave each other a friendly hug.


Ji Hyun went home with a feeling of dismay. Though, at first Onew was opposed with the idea, somehow he was anticipating the event, but a gloomy a Ji Hyun surprised them all.

Key, Jonghyun, Taemin and Minho felt dispirited too. They wanted to surprised Ji Hyun by cleaning their dorm; in the end they were the ones who got surprised because nobody came.

No Yui came.


After seven days, everything went normal again and this time, the original plan of Tokyo Juliet visiting SHINee's dorm won’t be postpone.

Everybody wake up very early, to help one another to prepare the food, to clean the house and etc. As the days gone by, everyone became closer to one another, and all of them knew that, they are doing this for Ji Hyun.

So that the bubbly Ji Hyun won't be down again.


"Yah, I thought Ji Hyun-ssi and her friend should be by here now? But where are they?" Jonghyun started to complain. He grabbed the magazine on Minho's hands and read it to his self. Again, it causes him a mental discomfort when he scans the articles.

'What's with Minho? Reading some girly magazines...'

"WE'RE HEREEEEEE!!!!" Ji Hyun screech with all her might. She held Yui’s bag with her hand and behind her was Tokyo Juliet. Jonghyun's mouth hang open, it even formed a letter o.

Onew, Jonghyun and Taemin went to welcome the newly comer, they started to introduce their selves one by one. Though Taemin had met her already, he formally and excitedly introduces his self.

Minho remains calm and silent on his seat. He just bows his head and smile at Yui when Ji Hyun had introduced them to each other.

"Where's Key?" Onew wondered and everyone notice it.

"Maybe he's in front of the PC again. Wait I will call him." Taemin quickly dash on the room. And he was right, Key was there, eyes glued and focused on the monitor again.

"Key hyung, Ji Hyun-ssi's friend is here, and Onew hyung is looking for you."

"Alright, I'll be there in a sec!" Key minimized the window and stood up. Before he could step outside, he made sure that his appearance would look best as always.


He started to pace outside looking downward.

"Ah~ Ki Bum-ssi." Key looked upward. His heart was beating double time. He stared blankly into the figure in front of him. Then he swallowed hard. He was grasping for air, he was in extreme anxious mode. "This is my friend..." Ji Hyun nudges her. "Introduce yourself."

Yui smiled at him. "Hello, my name is Yui, Aragaki Yui."

Key felt dizzy, his world is spinning. Before he went completely blank, his last words were, "oh my god."


"Oh my god! Oh my god! Why did Ki Bum-ssi fainted??!"

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