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BAG- ch 9

Chapter 09: Dream
By: jelly_jonghyun 

Happily riding the bicycle, Key took a quick glance at his back, there the pretty petite girl had her hair flowing freely following the direction of the wind. She stared at her smiling, this made Key felt nostalgic it’s as if he had seen that smile of hers before, and it felt familiar but he just shrugged off the feeling. Key then look at his front started pedaling faster he felt her hands grabbing his waist hugging him tightly, a sly grin escaped from his face. He was definitely liking the situation he was in now, her dream girl hugging him tightly.

He heard the girl mumble some words but he didn't understand a single thing it sounded like a different language, more of a .. japanese, was that it.

He brushed off the blonde strands of his long hair the blocked his view of the road….

“Blonde?” Key mouthed to himself.

“Since when did I have blonde hair? And a long one?” He asked himself while pedaling, he thought that he had the right side of his hair shaved of. This is actually weird.


Key opened his eyes and rubbed it, he immediately sat up on his bed, feeling a tad bit giddy. His head was a little heavy, as if he had hit a hard object or something. There he remembered what happened earlier ago, he immediately thought that everything was just a dream.

“Ah… Just a dream.” Key mumbled to himself.

"I wonder if Jihyun and her friend had already arrived." Key continued.

"We have already arrived." Someone answered him.

"Im Yui, Jihyun's friend. You fainted a while ago." Yui continued.

"Is your head ok?"

Key froze with the voice he heard, it has the strong accent of Japanese. He blinked his eyes continuously, thinking that he must still be drifting away on his dream land. He looked at his left, there he saw the girl she might never had expected to see in his entire life… wait he must be dreaming. Yes of course it might a dream, it's possible to dream while your dreaming right?

She smiled at him, trying to repeat what she asked whether his fine. But Key just stared at her, not even blinking as if he saw someone he had never expected to see. It's as if she was some sort of a ghost or something.

“I am dreaming right?” Key mumbled.


“Yes! I am! I mean… I am dreaming, Oh my god this is the most memorable dream I’ve ever had.” Key exclaimed suddenly.

Yui smiled. “No you’re not dreaming.”

“Wait! what?”

“You aren’t dreaming.” Yui repeated.

“I’m not going to believe you.” Key hissed.

“But I’m not lying.” Yui said calmly.

“Ok, let’s say this isn’t a dream…. The only thing that’ll confirm this is….”

“Is?” Yui asked.

“Pinch me.”

“What?!” Yui suddenly burst.

“I’ll proved it to you that I’m dreaming.” Key said with his diva-ish tone.

“I can’t.”

“Just do it… This is just a dream anyway.” Key replied.


“It’s fine it wont hurt me, it’s a DREAM.

“Pinch as hard as you want.” Key dared her.

“Well Ok.” Yui finally agreed.

Yui sat beside the smiling Key, he was even pointing at his right cheek indicating that she should pinch him there. Yui touched his cheeks and pinched a little, but Key told her that she should pinch harder so she pinched him with all her might.


“Don’t you think she looked familiar?” Minho asked while flipping his magazine.

“Familiar? In what way?” Onew asked.

“Yeah, how can you say my chingu’s familiar?” Jihyun butted in sitting on the couch right in between Onew and Taemin.

“Well she’s pretty.” Jonghyun mumbled.

“DON’T HIT ON MY CHINGU (friend)!” Jihyun blurted out suddenly.

"I am not, I don't hit on people, they are the one who hit on me." Jonghyun said proudly.

They all looked at her, Jihyun felt embarrassed for suddenly bursting out her jealousy. Her face as red as tomato, she looked down and stood up from the couch and was about to walked when a loud screech was hear from their bedroom.


Everyone ran inside the room, and saw Key’s hand pasted on his face with some dried tears on the corner of his eyes.

“Im really sorry.. Well … I told you. It'll be painful... Are you okie.” Yui mumbled continuously apologizing.

Jihyun ran and pulled her, Yui was a little hysterical.The rest of the guys left Key alone, they knew him to well no disturbance when he’s in that kind of state. No one could control Key not even Taemin's cute puppy eyes could control him.

No one had knew what Key was feeling, actually it wasn’t the pinched that had made him scream loud, it was the fact that he wasn’t dreaming it meant that the girl who pinched her, the girl he met was none other than Aragaki Yui, the girl, it was his dream girl.

“She’s real!” Key screamed at the top of his lungs.


Yui had explained everything to them, why Key screamed. Everyone laughed hysterically, while Yui was still all nervous because these guys had told her how scary Key could get, his spoiled brat like personality.

“She’s real!”

They all heard the loud scream coming out from Key’s room. They all looked at each other because Key actually sounded happy, which is definitely weird because it’s just weird.

“Who’s real?” Jonghyun asked.

“He said “she”.” Onew replied with a shrugged.

“Well it only meant one thing!” Jihyun exclaimed suddenly.

Taemin who understood what Jihyun meant. “He’s gonna cook good food!”

For a 20 year old woman, Jihyun was rather a very childish kid, her thinking and Taemin’s are almost so alike. Sometimes the boys would just think that maybe she’s a childhood deprived kid.


It was quite amazing how Taemin and Jihyun got along within just a week of knowing each other. They were like two little kids who knew what each other were thinking, though sometimes Taemin would just spout out his pervertness out of nowhere.

“Noona…” Taemin called Jihyun.

Jihyun felt guilty, but she liked the feeling of being called noona she never had anyone younger than her even in the family she’s the youngest granddaughter all her cousins were her unnies which made her upset more because they ordered her around.

“Yes?” Jihyun answered.

“Can I ask for a small favor?”

“Hmmm?” Jihyun replied interested.

“Can you…?”

“ hmm?” Jihyun replied while fixing the cutleries on the table.

“Help me buy the “dvds”.”

“I told you I won’t!” Jihyun snapped at him suddenly.

Taemin pouted, Jihyun glared at him. To think of it his still Taemin the perverted guy who smuggled pornographic videos secretly.


On the other side, Yui gathered all her strength and confidence, she approached Key who's busily humming songs while preparing the food, she thought it'll be a good time to apologised to him. She tapped his shoulder lightly and made it Key jumped a little bit when he saw her.

"Gomen...." Yui mumbled and bowed.

"She meant SORRY!" Jihyun yelled from the living room.

"HE KNOW IT ! WE LEARNT JAPANESE!" Jonghyun yelled from the living room.

"Oh okay!"

"STOPPED YELLING YOU TWO!" Key snapped at the two of them.

"No it's okie." Key told Yui gently.

Yui smiled and felt really good. She started to asked him whether she could helped him cook and gladly accept it, it was very rare for the guys because Key had never ever let anyone of them meddle with the Kitchen after he got his licensed of being an official chef from the show Idol Raising.

"Can I ask something?" Key broke the silence between them.

"Hai!" Yui replied.

"You are the girl from the-

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