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BAG-Chap 11

Chapter 11: friends?
By: jelly_jonghyun 

"Jihyun-ah you should eat." Yui urged her for the fifth time.

Jihyun continued to twirl and play with the food on her plate, then would use her fork and poke up the meat and bite a little then play with it again. She had learnt this hobby of hers since she was young, she considered it a rare talent of hers, being oblivious of her own surroundings in purposed when she does not want to pay attention to anyone, not even Yui can do anything when Jihyun had already burst her anger out, it'll take a couple of days or even weeks before she would get back to her normal self.

Jihyun got tired of playing with her food, she played with it one last time and stood up from her chair without even excusing herself, like typical normal spoiled brat. She carried her plate and place it on the kitchen sink, she quickly wash it herself and headed to her room, she closed her door with a loud slam.

Onew glared at Jonghyun who kept his head down. While Key who saw the tension between Onew and Jonghyun stared at each of them alternately. Taemin who's oblivious of the tension between his two older hyungs had his attention on Jihyun who's kind off scaring the creeps out of him. He had this silly imaginations that she might spill his secret anytime and woozah his beloved cute slash innocent image in his hyung, well beside his onew hyung, would be completely tarnish. Just the thought of it make his hand tremble and his body shiver.


Jihyun inside the room had started to pick the mess she created, she gets pretty violent sometimes but she never had break any thing, usually it will be her wardrobe which will get pretty unsightly, her bed would looked like it had been buldozed by a giant tank. She pick every single piece of her clothes and placed it on her single seat sofa. She fixed her bed's sheet and the blanket, placed her pillow nicely and back to it's position. Then she grabbed her pile of clothes and it covered almost all her view, one of her clothes dropping at a time.


"Let's play scissors paper stone then." Taemin suggested.

"Sure!" Onew agreed.

Key groaned, he had always been weak when it comes to this game.

"Me and Key-ssi should be out of it. We're the one who cooked." Yui mumbled and smiled at them. She pulled Key and left the four guys dumbfounded. Yui dragged Key inside the living room and dropped herself on the sofa.

"Since you know my secret. We should be friends." Yui told him, Yui had always been affectionate to her friends, regardless of being male or female, this sometimes had gave the guys wrong impressions about her, some thought that she's interested but those who were really closed knew this habbit of hers.

Key's heart rose, the moment Yui grabbed his hand and wiggled it like a kid. His crush right in front of his face holding his hands and smiling sweetly at him. He swore that every Sunday he would go to church and would always pray every night.

"It's pretty late now. I guess I'll go and leave." Yui told Key after looking at their wall clock.

She headed towards Jihyun's room and knock three times. " Hyun, I'm gonna go now. Sayonara chingu."

The door opened and Jihyun came out and quickly hug Yui. " Gomen."

"It's fine Hyun... Call me, huh?" Yui smiled at her while breaking their hug. Jihyun nodded like a little girl.

"I'll send you?"

"No... Go and rest .. neh?" Yui rejected and pushed her back inside her room. Quite surprised that Jihyun's room is back to it's normal state now, besides the last few unfolded clothes on her bed, everything back in shape.



Yui headed at kitchen and saw the two oldest kid washing the dishes. While the other two youngest were sitting slouched on their chairs. Minho busily fixing his hair in front of the mirror while making weird expressions. Taemin's face laid flat on the table staring blankly on the wall.

"I'm gonna leave now."

"So fast?" Taemin jolted back on his chair.

"Hmm. It's pretty late." Yui nodded and bowed at them.

"You should visit us more, since your cooking is really good." Onew mumbled turning his head on Yui's direction.

"Sure, I'll cook other dish next time. Arigatou." Yui thanked them.

"I'll send you." Key offered while his hand kept their dorm's door open. Yui nodded and she picked her shoe and wear them.


Jihyun's room's door opened. She went out the room being oblivious of her surroundings again, she's upset of course and she don't feel like talking to any of them. Hugging her clothes on her chest, she felt really tired and needed to wash herself up.

She passed by the living room who had Minho lying on the sofa, reading a book entitled, "Princess Diary." He looked up and saw Jihyun not even giving him a single look, he ignored her and went back to his reading.

Jihyun headed inside the bathroom and took a quick shower.

When she came out, Jonghyun was in the kitchen, back glued on the wall as if he was waiting for something or someone.

Jihyun cleared her throat, seemed that she caught his attention.

"I'm finished."

She walked passed him.

"Hey.. I'm sorry... I was just joking when I said that." Jonghyun apologised.

Jihyun's face didn't change, no reaction no mumbling no reply... No anything.

"I'm really sorry. I swear... Come on... Onew hyung won't stop pestering me." He lied.

"Then asked apology from him." Jihyun snapped at him.

She opened her door and slammed it in front of his face.

"Geez... No one,could resist Jonghyun." he mumbled to himself. " Except her."

Jonghyun rather upset, dropped himself on the floor and began to think. Jonghyun never had apologised to anyone unless he's really forced to, but this time is a different case he's really bothered about how upset Jihyun was and it was rather disturbing because Jihyun seemed to be the type of person who'll accept all the jokes in this world, she would laugh it off and go on with life. Maybe that's why people said that usually those who always appeared happy are the scariest.

Jonghyun getting tired of thinking on what to do and what not to do entered their room and lied in his bed. He still can't get off thinking about what he had done today. No matter how his left side of the brain insist that it was a joke, his right side opposed it badly. Since when did Kim Jonghyun bothered about other people except those really closed one, he only care about his own feeling and his love ones..... Unless.....

"Nah." He murmured.


"Hyung!" Taemin called.

"Ya Taemin, go to the mall with me." Minho mumbled and pulled Taemin out.

"Yahhhhh!! It's early morning and you both are going to the mall!" Key yelled.

"Ya, Key we need to go for the filming now." Onew called Key.

"Neh!" Key answered.

Everyone had left the house, except for the two. Jihyun was still peacefully sleeping on her bed, few strands of her hair on her face, her bangs pushed on the other said. Her tummy was half exposed and her pyjamas rolled up.

On the other room, was Kim Jonghyun, sleeping without his shirt on, blanket covering his half naked body. He shifted to his right pulling his blanket at the same time.


The brightness disturbed Jihyun so much to the point that she could not take it anymore and just stand up from her bed. She folded her blanket properly and headed outside the room. She headed to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. Right after that she tied her hair into a bun and rinse her face. She grabbed the towel just right beside her and wiped her face.

She saw the note left on the table.

"Just re-heat the food. Onew hyung and I had schedule. Taemin and Minho would be back for a while." -Key

Jihyun nodded her head, she grabbed a plate and dropped the waffle on it. She spread the chocolate syrup in it and sat on the living room. She turned the television on and started to watch anything that interested her. But it's early morning after all, television was filled with news... and more news. Getting bored she


Jonghyun who just woke up was aware that the rest of his members were out. It also sinked in to him the it was only Jihyun and him around the dorm. After his nerve wrecking ideas last night, some totally filled with nonsense, from begging on his knees to kissing her feet, which is rather part of his imagination,he then arrived to a plan which he named it himself. " Jonghyun's amazing taming of Jihyun." *without the other members*. He praised himself for having such a brilliant idea, He was after all... Kim Jonghyun, aka SHINee's Bling Bling.

Jonghyun doing a childish victory dance heard random sounds on the living room.

"Perfect. Show time." He mumbled to himself and smiled feeling really satisfied.

Jonghyun opened his room's door and saw Jihyun sitting on the couch about to eat her waffle that is stuck on her fork. She looked up at him, Jonghyun let out a cute smile. Jihyun's eyes opened widely, eyeballs threathening to bulged out of the sockets any moment.

"aaaaaahhhhhhhh!" Jihyun screeched she dropped her plate and the fork and quickly covered her eyes.

Jonghyun could see the dark pink blushes on her cheeks. He wondered on why Jihyun was reacting this way, until he realised that he was actually half naked, with only his blue striped boxers on. No wonder he felt really confident of himself. He had been used to walking half naked inside their dorm but when Jihyun had arrived Key had always reminded him to wear shirt before going out of his room, but Key's not around today.

"Well atleast she won't run away or slam the door right in front of my face if Im like this, kekekeke."

"Ya! Why the hell are you not wearing anything?" Jihyun yelled at him with her hands still glued on her eyes.

"What? I'm always like this here." Jonghyun replied back getting near to Jihyun.



"I just wanted to apologised but you keep on running away."


"Ya! stop screaming." Jonghyun told her.


"Ok, ok stop screaming. Geez, I just wanted to apologised." Jonghyun mumbled, shoulders dropped, he's amazing plan wasn't carried because she's screaming over his naked body.


"OH MY FREAKING HOT CHILLY SAUCY BBQ SAUSAGE!" Jihyun screamed inside her brain, she's hyperventilating now.


"But HE WALKED HALF NAKED IN FRONT OF ME!" The other side of her brain argued.

Jihyun tried the breathing exercised, she inhaled and exhaled, but Jonghyun's half naked image kept on flashing inside her brain and she'll get too excited and hyperventilates again, despite of hating him for giving such hurtful comment she can't help not to admire him. It's like a weird love and hate relationship process that she's going through.

His rooms door opened, Jihyun ducked her head down immediately.

"Now I'm not half naked. Will you forgive me now?" Jonghyun asked her.


"Then... Should I sing a song for you.. Anything you want..."

Jihyun thought about it for a second. But she didn't gave him any reply.

"Then, do you want Lucifer? I'll dance it at the same time. Just forgive me." Jonghyun pleaded.

Jihyun looked up and saw Jonghyun dancing. Then he started to sing, hitting the high notes. Jihyun thought he looked really sexy with those veins popping out on his neck. She immediately shook out the idea and quickly diverted her attention away from the singing while dancing Jonghyun. Out of nowhere she felt like laughing, Jonghyun went off pitch when he's hitting the high noted. She might burst out laughing if this continues, she's really trying hard to keep her laughter inside.


Jonghyun felt like an idiot while dancing and singing at the same time, especially when he tried to hit the high note and went off pitched, blame that he that he just woke up. And what's worse is she wasn't even paying any attention to him. That's it, Jonghyun can't believe he lied this low just to get her forgiveness, he had even went beyond his ego and pride, if she won't forgive him then so be it. He stomped away and went back to his room feeling really annoyed.

Jihyun watched him walked back to his room, asking herself whether was she being really unreasonable and mean. Maybe she did went overboard, he already said that he meant it as a joke and here she is getting defensive.


Jihyun knocked on his door, she did it three times. Then she left the waffle in front of his door and went back to her own room feeling really bad.

Jonghyun opened his door and saw a plate of waffle on the floor. He picked it up and read the the words written with the chocolate syrup.

"Friends?" He read it out loud.

Tags: s: boys and girls
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