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BAG- ch12

Chapter 12: friends?
By: jelly_jonghyun 

Yui knocked on the front door three times, she almost forgot that there's actually a doorbell in front of her nose. She chuckled at her silliness and press the door bell thrice. The door opened and she was greeted by Minho, he seemed to be half awake and he was rubbing his eye, wearing a white singlet and shorts.

"Ohayo." Yui greeted him cheerfully.

"Come in." Minho yawned.

"How rude."

"Yui! You came!" Jihyun chanted the moment Yui entered.

"Hai. Ohayo!"

Key smiled at her dreamily and Yui smiled back, she gestured whether is it fine to sit on the blank space beside him, but Key seemed to be out of it and just stared at her dreamily.

"Oh shishus." Jihyun rolled her eyes. " Yeah you can sit there Yui!"

Jihyun elbowed Key and it made him jump. Jihyun sticked out her tongue to him and looked away pretending to be innocent. But Key's in a real good mood today so he decided to let her off, besides Jihyun had helped him to know more about Yui.

"Yui likes sweet guys. So stop being diva-ish."

"No meanie Key when Yui's around." Key thought inside his brain.

"Can I help in cooking today?" Yui asked.

"No! Jihyun's the one who's going to cook today." Jonghyun butted in.

Jihyun's mouth dropped. She glared at Jonghyun and mouthed, "You're dead."

"Oh.... Then.... Can I help cleaning up?" Yui offered.

"Sure, Key would help you." Jonghyun added and about to go back in his room when Onew called him.

"Jonghyun-ah, be Jihyun's "psychic" ." Onew ordered after Jihyun whispered something to him.

Jihyun looked at him and smirk. She sticked her tongue and made a "you're dead" hand gesture. Jonghyun gulped and looked at his hyung, eyes pleading for mercy, however Onew just shook his head and raised his index finger and wiggled it.

"Taemin-ah let's clean our room." Onew called Taemin and walked away.

"I'll clean ours Jonghyun hyung, go helped Jihyun.... more like obey..." He teased and run away.

"Let's start?" Yui asked Key.

Jonghyun's shoulders fell, and he made his way in the Kitchen sulking. When he entered Jihyun was sitting on the table and smiling evily, somehow Jonghyun thought he saw fire on her eyes. She crossed her legs and looked at him from head to toe. Jonghyun felt defenseless and scared, he was creeped out by her actions.


Yui was about to turn when she accidentally stepped on the wet cloth Key used to wiped the floor, she was expecting a loud thud once she hit the ground, but it didn't happen because Key caught her just in time. Yui looked at Key half startled, Key looked at her and asked whether she's fine still not letting go of her.

"Eheeemmmm." Onew cleared his throat when he saw the two of them.

"Oh." Key let out and chuckled while helping here to stand up properly.

"Arigatou Gozaimas." Yui thanked him and smiled.

Key turned his back and blushed. He stare at his hands for a while telling himself that he hugged her, indirectly but still it's counted as a hug. He smiled at himself like a dork and saw Taemin's face few inches from him, looking at him oddly.

Taemin shook his head."Tsk Tsk, somethings fishy." Taemin left him.

"You should be careful." Key mumbled ignoring Taemin's teasing and quickly picked up the wet cloth.

"Why are you here? I mean, you're famous but why did you choose to leave it all behind?" Key striked the first conversation while wiping the table.

"I got tired, Key-kun, I guess you won't understand." Yui replied while she carefully fixed the cushions on the sofa.

"You seemed to be enjoying your job, maybe because they're with you."

"Im happy being part of SHINee, it's tough... yes, but the feeling you would get was worth the difficulties." Key reasoned out.

"I was doing everything alone, I'm not in a group like you. It's tough not having anyone to help you up, everyone that surrounds me were suspicious, I've got no idea who's the friend and who's the foe. You're lucky Key-kun, you have your friends with you."

"Well you have us too." Jihyun told her only hearing her last sentence.

"JIHYUN?! What did you hear?" Yui started to get worried.

"That Key's lucky to have his friends. You have me too!" Jihyun told her and smiled.

"YAH, have you finished cutting the vegetables!" Jihyun screamed at Jonghyun.

"I AM DOING MY BEST!" He replied.

"Aish... stupid psychic, oh well see you later alligator love birds."

"Yah!" Key retaliated.

"Just ignore her, she's just... bored... you know..." Key explained to her.

"You're doing well Key." Jihyun sticked out her head and told Key before running back inside the kitchen.

"She's nuts."


"Finally." Key dropped himself on the cold marble floor. They had finished cleaning the entire house, and were all pleased on how it looked now, it took them an hour since they divided all the task. Now they're just waiting for their lunch. He called recall the occassionaly bumping of their hands and skinship.

"Weren't they done yet?" Taemin asked Key.

"I don't know, but they're always bickering throughout." Onew mumbled while checking the nail he broke while trying to pushed the cabinet few moments ago.

"You're cousin's pretty scary hyung." Key commented. Yui scoffed at Key's comment and squinted her eyes on Onew. She had been wondering how did they made it possible to make Jihyun stay in their dorm without exposing Taemin's dirty secret.

"Heh.. She's a fighter huh?" Onew stuttered.

"YAAAAHHHhHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Jihyun screamed.

"There they go again." Onew sighed.

"Taemin go check them out." Key ordered Taemin.

"Hyung, I do not want to die yet." Taemin let out and pouted. The rest of them looked at Onew, even Minho who wasn't talking much looked at him.

"Me?" He asked. The four of them nodded.

"Chicken god please protect me." He mumbled as he kneeled and stood up quickly.

Onew took a few steps and tip toed. He stick his head a little turning left to right until he saw Jonghyun infront of Jihyun. Jihyun's back glued on the wall eyes close while Jonghyun's was literally on a crawling position his face few inches away from Jihyun's, Jihyun's eyes were closed.


Jonghyun turned his head around and saw his Onew hyung, his glaring at him and was slowly making his way heading to them. Jihyun opened her eyes and saw Onew, she yanked Jonghyun away and quickly rushed to Onew.

"Oppa...." Jihyun mumbled her eyes teary.

"Aigooo..." Onew mumbled and hugged her.

She looked back to Jonghyun and made a cunning smile, then stick her tongue to him. He gritted his teeth as a response


Tension can be sensed in between the Jihyun and Jonghyun, both glaring at each other while Onew was lecturing him for almost... raping Jihyun.

"Hyung I TOLD YOU IT'S JUST A JOKE!" Jonghyun retaliated.

"Don't talk back Jonghyun, have manners."

"Aish... Whatever."

"Yui, have you tasted this before? Jihyun's Kimchi stew.... with ... uhm, weird shaped tofu." Key told Yui and place some on her bowl.

"Blame that jerk over there. Can't even cut a simple tofu." Jihyun scoffed.

"Ugh.. No such words in front of Taemin, he's too innocent for that." Key scolded them.

Jihyun and Yui choked and coughed at what Key told them, while Onew wasn't paying much attention because he's still nagging at Jonghyun. Minho's busy eating, separating tofu, veggie and other kinds of ingredients and started eating.

"W...water...*cough*" Both Jihyun and Yui said at the same time.

Yoonduk Hyung, their manager hyungnim arrived He was bringing some drinks since they had ran out, Yui greeted him, the same goes for Jihyun.

"Yah... The two young ladies had manners and you all..." Yoonduk hyung complained and entered the Kitchen.

"Yoonduk AHJUSSI come and join us!" Jihyun called him playfully.

"YAH!!!!!!" Their hyungnim screamed back.

At last Onew shut up and began eating peacefully. Key and Yui kept on putting food in each other's bowl, the rest of them bewildered at their action, Yoonduk was carefully observing the two and smelled something fishy. As for Jihyun, she knew why were they acting this way.


"Jihyun." Somebody called her after a couple of knocks on her door.

"Neh?" She replied.

"Key here."

"Come in." Jihyun told him.

"What do ya want?" Jihyun chimed cheerfully.

"Nothing I just... Uhm... want to know more about youu." Key stuttered.

"Out of a sudden?"

"Yeah, since where going to live together, shouldn't we?" Key defended.

"How long are you and Yui friends?"

"Few years? I met her in the airport."


"Let's say she was actually new to the country and it happened that I know how to speak and understand basic Japanese." Jihyun answered without suspecting... yet.

"Was she nice? What does she likes? Is she simple?"

Jihyun looked at him and stared for a while. " If you want to know more about Yui don't make up excuses."

"Well, she's nice.. She likes anything and everything. Yes she's simple."

"Can you elaborate more?" Key asked. "Does he have a boyfriend?"

"You like her don't you?"

"No.. I mean.. yes.. But not that way.. " Key stuttered.

"Ok... Don't worry your secrets safe with me."

"I'll help you." Jihyun continued and smiled.

"She likes black more than pink, she prefers white roses rather than red. She eats anything and everything, but she loved rice cakes. She's a fashion terrorist she needs me almost everytime. She likes animals like dogs, like Byul Roo."

"And no, she's single."

*End of Flashback*

Tags: s: boys and girls
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