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BAG- Ch13

Chapter 13: bobo
By: jelly_jonghyun 

Yui pushed the door abruptly, well it happened to be that Jihyun begged Yui to stay with her a couple of days ago and here she was staying in SHINee's dorm sharing a room with Jihyun. She stretched out her hand and pushed away the strands of hair that blocked her vision. The guys weren't against her staying either in fact, they actually encouraged her to stay in too. Never had the boys thought that having a girl inside the dorm would be this good, and now they had two.

Yui grew closed to each of the guy, sometimes Jihyun would jokingly comment that she's super close to each of them to the point that they're like brothers. Everything was well except for one thing, Minho remained mysterious for Yui, though she had seen Jihyun joked around with him, but when it comes to her, it's just, well, let's say it's just awkward.

Jihyun was transferred to Taemin's school, it'll be easier for both of them and atleast there would be someone who'll look after Taemin in school. Though Taemin don't talk much about school his hyungs were pretty much aware of what's happening, but they know that Taemin wouldn't want them to meddle up, for a young adult Taemin was kind of matured.

"Hey Yui." Key mumbled.

"Hey." She smiled.

"Key-ssi can I see your hands?" Yui asked him politely. Which made Key blushed while he gave his hand on her.

"Do you know that palms can be read? It can point out when will you get married, will you be successful, how many children will you have in the future?" Yui asked him while she traced the lines on his palm with her index fingers.

"OHMO, she's thinking of our future already ><" Key screamed inside his brain.

"I don't really know..." He replied.


"Noona! You're 20 yet you're off the same level as me?" Taemin jokingly told Jihyun.

She just replied it with a smirk. "If you only new I'm younger than you."

"Come on let's go home." Jihyun told him and started to walk.

"Neh." Taemin replied obediently.

"Taemin...." She called, she still felt weird calling him like that when she's supposed to be all polite with him since he's actually older.

"Hmmm?" He replied.

"How did you get hooked with...." She started and whispered the last word, "porno."

The question came naturally to Taemin, "I saw it from Jonghyun hyung's room, then I watched it, then I became curious and I watch more until to the point that I got hooked."

"You sure are one disgusting fella. But as long as you're nice to me I don't really care." Jihyun mumbled.

"But I did expect that Jonghyun was the culprit... such a corrupt idiot." She continued inside her brain.


"We're Home!"

"Oh you two were back? How's school?" Key asked Taemin and Jihyun.

"The normal." Jihyun replied shortly and headed to her room. Just at the right time Jonghyun came out from his room, Jihyun glared at him and scoffed.


Jonghyun smirked at her seductively, which made Jihyun feel like puking, in an exaggerated way. She opened her door and slammed it closed when she's already inside.

"What happened again?" Key eyed at Jonghyun. While Taemin quickly left the scene.

"Nothing much..." Jonghyun smirked and went inside the kitchen to drink water.


"Key oppa, where's Yui?" Jihyun said sticking her head at the door half open.

"Oh she went to work. You're not going?" Key replied.

"Nope." She replied and closed the door, after a few seconds she opened it again. "Thanks!"

Key thought for a while, it has been a few months now since the first time the girl had step in their dorm. The girl was sure bubbly and lively, but she have a serious princess syndrome, none of them really know much details about her besides Onew being her cousin and her school, she don't talk much about her personal life. But, it doesn't really concern Key that much, all he know was he's thankful that Jihyun came in their lives and she brought Yui along.


Jonghyun whistled as he enter the kitchen, you can easily sense the cheerful and happy vibes overflowing from him. Seemed that he had been in good mood lately, too much excitement and adrenaline rush, that's what he had when the girl stayed in their dorm, at first, he don't really paid much attention to anything, all he cared was himself and no one else, but everything changed when she came, and to add along her foreigner friend. Jonghyun liked messing with her alot, physically or verbally.


Just like the usual, Jonghyun do not have much activity again, while Onew went for his Mc-ing in Nocturnal, Key on radio shows, Minho and Taemin in star king. The two of them were stuck with each other. You can hear Jihyun let out a heavy sigh, while Jonghyun continuously stared at her while she's making silly faces to entertain herself.

"Want to play?" Jonghyun asked her hesitantly.

"If it's something silly get over it dino." Jihyun replied.

"Woah.... Chill, poker cards, they're poker cards for pete's sake."

Jihyun squinted her eye, "I'm watching you...."

After the intense glaring Jihyun gave Jonghyun she finally gave in and agreed to the rules of the game. If you lose you'll grant one order, or wish the winner asks you, Jihyun was all confident in the game but lady luck was on Jonghyun's side, being all cheeky and nasty Jonghyun gave his order.

"Bobo..." Jonghyun chimed.

"No way...."

"Oh so you're a sore loser huh?" Jonghyun teased. "I see, I see..."

"Damn you JONGHYUN..."

"Ohhhh now you don't respect me? Now where's the oppa?" Jonghyun continued teasing.

"Just .... shut it... close your eyes... ON THE CHEEKS ONLY." Jihyun gave in.

"No no.. I'll do the bobo-ing and you close your eyes." Jonghyun smirk.


"Now close your eyes and be obedient." Jonghyun mumbled and had his hand on Jihyun's eyes.

As if Jonghyun's hands had casted a spell on her, she obediently and quietly close her eyes with her heart beating million times faster than the normal rate. Though Jonghyun had been annoying ass towards her, it's pretty difficult for her to resist his charms since she had a crush on him the moment shinee just debuted.

Jonghyun smirked and made it quick, he gave her a small peck on the side of her lips which made Jihyun jump off from her seat and looked at Jonghyun with horrified expression.

"Oh I sure do like that..." Jonghyun thought inside.

*End of Flashback*

Jonghyun smiled at the thought of it.


"I'm home...." Yui sighed.

"Yui, hmmm... You like tired..." Jihyun told her.

"Did you run?" She asked seeing Yui panting a little.

"Yeah, there's this weird feeling of mine that someones following me so I quickened my pace." Yui grumbled.

"And the girl keep on pestering me this whole day cause you're not around." She continued whinning.

"Oh dear, you must be really tired, the food is ready." Key butted in and smiled at her.

"Yeah thanks... but I'll go inside the toilet first and wash up... I feel ... sticky..."

"Okie, do it fast... Jihyun call the rest dinner's ready."

Yui slowly and lazily made her way inside the toilet. She didn't noticed that the light was on and someone's inside. She opened the door,

"OMO......... ..... AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

"What the...-"

Tags: s: boys and girls
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