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someday- Ch16

Chapter 16: Perfect.

If there is one thing that I could be mad at, is receiving an unwanted call at this ungodly hour.

I woke up with buzzing sound of my mobile phone. I could feel my eyebrows, throbbing from irritation coming from the sun rays which penetrates through the curtains and from this annoying caller who woke me up.

Groggily, I sat on my bed and yawned. After minutes of reflection, I decided to answer this call from my anonymous caller.


"Good morning, Minho." The other line spoke. I gasped. That voice. I open my eyes very wide and I beamed until I could feel my muscle sore.

"Jessica-noona?" I said with full eagerness.

She laughs breathlessly. I can't believe I'm hearing her voice again. It really made my morning. "Have you been well?"

"Yes! I'm good. I'm good. You?" From eagerness, my voice changed its tone from almost inaudible... and almost kid-like that is going to throw tantrums any time now. "Noona..."

"I know... That’s the reason why I called you. I wanted to inform you that I'll be going home in two weeks time."

"Chincha (Really)?"

"ne. (yes)"

"Kamsahamnida (thank you) "

"Wae? (Why?)" She laughed.

"For coming back. I've thought you're planning to abandon me as well."

"Aigoo! Yah! Choi Minho!" I snorted. It’s been a while since someone scolded at me like that. (Yui is giving me this strange / creepy feeling. She's not scolding me anymore like she used to several decades ago.) "I am not your father, okay?"

I laugh breathlessly and mocked, "Isn’t he your father as well?"

She scowled. "He USED to be my father; he used to be our father." I chortled silently. I can envisage her face right now, and I'm pretty sure she is extremely mad. "Ooh. Shut up, okay? I don’t want to talk about him."

"Araso. (All right)" For a second, we stayed on the phone silently. I heave a sigh followed by a silent hum. I rubbed my eyes and stretch my hands upward. Today is Wednesday, and luckily today is free day. I did not know how happened, but still I'm grateful for it.

Noona chuckled lightly, "don't give me your 'hmms', Choi Minho. I know you more than you can picture out. Do you have something to tell me?" She paused. "Who is she?"

This time, I laughed aloud. How did she know that it was a she? Hmm. I guess this is what mom had told us before, when we’re still a kid, she told us, that it is what you called, women instinct. I even remember when I was 8 years old, she knew dad is having an affair and one day he would leave us. And it happened,

It was posterity.

“I want to introduce you to someone special.”

“KYAAAAA!!!” She squealed like a 16 year old high school girl and it pierced on my eras.

“NOONA!” I complained. “Do you have to shout like that?”

“Sorry! I got carried away!” I suspire. Do older sisters always act like that when they got to hear their younger sibling tell their love stories? “So? Mind fishing me the latest gossips? So what’s her name? How do you guys met? IS she that pretty?”

“Aish. So excited.” I mumbled.


“Hmmm…. Nothing… But her name is Aragaki Yui, she’s an exchange student from Tokyo.”

“Whoa! I never thought my brother is that popular towards female high school students!”

“I’m not popular. It just happened. And I don’t know what she saw in me.”

“Stop playing your humble games….” And blah blah blah… Though months had passed, Jessica noona still had not changed. When her mouth started to give me a lecture, it won’t stop until I would hung up on the phone.

This is life.

* * *

For the second time today, my mobile phone rang again, and to be honest, I was quite in a hurry to answer to it, hoping it was Yui. But when I look at the caller, it wasn’t her.

I guess, she doesn’t remember me. Should I cry? Sniff.


“Yah, Minho-ah, are you crying?” Bi Eun asked. I snorted and wipe the tip of my eyes.

“No, no! No! I’m not. I’m just fooling around since I’m bored, Yui did not came here nor contact me, and I’m checking my acting skills.”

“Oh, I see. Anyway, since you are free, can we meet up downtown? I have to pick the purchases today unfortunately Ji Rae cannot accompany me today, mind helping me?”

“Sure! I’m glad to help! See you soon. Bye~”

* * *

"Is this the last of coffee beans?" I asked Bi Eun as I placed the sack of bean on the basket of my bicycle.

"Yup, it is." She said with as big grin I returned the favor. I smiled back at her. "Should we go now?"

I nodded in agreement. I hop on my bike and started pedaling at the same time, I was trailing Bi Eun.

"Minho?" I pulled on the brakes. Swiftly and hastily I spun my head and saw the person who had called my name... and I beam widely as I saw her face.

"Yui? Hey! What are you doing here?" I get out of my bike and kick the bike's rack so that it could stand up on its on. I immediately get the box away from her hand and hold onto it. I saw Bi Eun stopped her bike as well and look at us with her squinted eyes.

"Well... I was about to go to your place and surprised you, yet in the end you're the one who surprised me." She chuckled lightly and it made me smile. I lower my head in order to hide the embarrassment I feel right now. out of nowhere, I could feel the gap between us got closer, and she is leaning on me. "Minho-ah, my feet hurts... Can we go now?"

"But..." I shot a glance at Bi Eun, then I saw her getting the stuffs away from my bike.

"It's okay Minho. You have helped a lot already."

"Jwesonghamnida (I'm sorry)" I bowed in front of her. I suddenly feel im worthless for leaving her alone.

Yui tilted her on her right and say, "Bi Eun-chan, arigato."

* * *

We rode the bicycle together on the high way. Yui said we should go on at a snail pace to enjoy the great view and the moment. As honesty compelled me, I liked her idea.

She held tightly on my clothes and sometimes I could feel her head resting at my back. At times, both of us would laugh a loud, really to enjoy the moment.


"Ah!" She said like she jolted. "Isn't it, Jinki-kun?"

I stop pedaling the bike and look at where her index finger pointed at. My eyes squinted due to the sun setting down. And to confirm it, I must gawked at them. Then I smiled, definitely, it's Onew hyung

"Oh. Yes, it is Jinki hyung, with this girl whom I have never seen before."

"Yah~ Minho." She whined. I stoped looking at those faraway lovers. I look back at her and saw her pouting. "Are you starring at that girl because she's prettier than me?"

I chuckled and touched her hair. "Wae? Are you jealous?" She look intently at my eyes.

"Yes. I'm jealous. I dont want you looking at any girls. I hate it when youre starring at Bi Eun like that. I hate it! Yes, call me selfish, but this is the real me!"

Slowly my finger slide down her cheeks and I pinched them. "Kyopta (cute)"


She rested her head on my back again but this time, her arms were tightly clutched around my waist. "Yui... earlier today, my sister called."

"Ah? really? So what did you guys talked about?"

"Well, she said she'll go home two weeks from now... And also, she said she wanted to meet you."

"Ah~ I'm embarrassed!" I chuckled. Yui could sometimes be silly.

"It's okay. She wont eat you, even though my sister is scary enough."

We stop talking for a minute. I could even feel she moved a little bit forward because the bike had swerved it's on way, without my control. I could also feel she snuggled closer to me because of her firm hold around my stomach.

"Ne... Minho... I have something to ask you. Can I?"

"Sure. Anything."

"As of now... what are you thinking?"

I inhale deeply and held my breath... and then I exhale it. "Do I have to?"

"Of course! tell me..."

"I think... My world if perfect when you're around."

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kyopta - cute

I sincerely apologize if the update took forever. dont worry, this fill will end up soon. less than 5 chapters more. If you are interested, check out my other SHINee fics. xD
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