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Rule #5: Never kiss and tell.

Prompt Name: 01.kiss
Title: Rule #5: Never kiss and tell.
Pairing: Jonghyun x Key / slight (OnHyun)
Rating: G
Genre: Random
Word count: 380w
Note: In response to Opus - prompt #01; first time to write a JongKey. keke. Should I be happy? xP
Summary: Jonghyun stole Minho's choclate milk, and now its pay back time.

Jonghyun had been running, and he wasn't aware that he already spent an hour of his day, just running.

The gush of wind, sweat dripping on his face and the uncanny glance most people had thrown on him did not bother the young lad. In fact there were only two images on his brain that preoccupies it.

First, the exasperating looks and laughs by his best friend Choi Minho when he said that he knows Jonghyun’s deepest darkest secret. But never did tell him what it is which made the bling raging in annoyance, and his curiosity is killing him. However the truth was, the flaming charisma is only toying with him. Despite being friends all over these years, Minho had never inquired about his best friend’s personal life.

And second, Kim Ki Bum’s face, rather the outcome or his would-be reaction.

By the time he reached his lover’s floor, hastily he bashed his apartment door without thinking that he might be able to disturb other tenants. Then a sight of a surprised Ki Bum appeared in front of him. He was smiling widely that it hurt Jonghyun’s eyes.

That frabjous smile etched on Ki Bum’s face made it much harder for him to confess, it made him guiltier.

Jonghyun had a tough time swallowing, that it even became a lump on his throat. Ki Bum titled his head on the right and beam at him until his eyes became squinted.

The older male finally exhales, signaling that nonetheless he was prepared. He held his lover on his shoulder for a brief moment, and let go in swift moment.

“Babe, I kissed your roommate.”

The grin on Ki Bum’s face suddenly vanished. His eyebrows creased, with his feline eyes, he gawked at his boyfriend who had never been scared like this before.

Jonghyun doesn’t want to flinch, but the fringe of his lips and eyebrow were twitching. He pulled the collar of his loose shirt feigning that he was having difficulties breathing, but the truth is pretty obvious.

“I… I… I can explain.”

And before he could, a loud thwack had hit his face.

Lesson? Never ever steal Choi Minho’s chocolate milk, or else you will be the subject of his harmless joke which will lead into a blunt confession.

Tags: *prompt entry, p: jonghyun/key, p: jonghyun/onew, t: drabble/one-shot
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