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Prompt Name: 02.play
Author: cutterpillow92 
Title: Uno!
Pairing: JongKey, OnKey; but Onew-centric.
Rating: G
Word count: 408w
Notes: In response to OPUS- Prompt#02: Play. Second time, writing JongKey and doing the prompt, and I think I am liking it. :D
Summary: Onew is determine to win, while Jonghyun doesn't show any interest of winning.

"UNO!" SHINee's oldest member yelled. It flabbergasts everyone, except for the second oldest male.

Tension can be felt inside their dorm. Only two players were left, while the other three kept their focus on the cards and to their hyungs.

"The winner will get a reward", Key reminded the two boys. It is Onew's only motivation to win this game, while his opponent, Jonghyun doesn’t show any interest of winning.

Onew swallowed hard, he was on the floor, sitting similar to a yoga posture. He was darting at Jonghyun's hand who is slowly, picking up the card and squinting his eyes to peek on the thin paper he was holding. He was waiting for him to drop down a card or two, but his anticipation never came. Instead, Jonghyun shuffled his card and counted them.

Ha-na... Dul... Seht... Neh... Da-suh... Yuh-suh...

Onew grew impatient, before Jonghyun could continue his counting, he already yelled, “MY TURN!!!” He squirms closer to the deck of card and ready to pick the top card. Excitement was written on leader Dubu's face.

Minho and Key chuckled silently. The maknae got curious; he leaned closer to the older boy and inquires such information.

'Losers, will get the prize.'

By the time Taemin got knowledge of Ki Bum's plan, he high-five Minho and laugh aloud.

His laugh was a total distraction to Onew, but he did not let his guard down. At a snail's pace, Onew raised the card he was holding at his eye level and then...

A smile crept on Onew's face when he saw the card he was holding...

"HAHAHAHAHA!!!" He threw the cards on the ground, revealing the matching colors of the card. He stood up and went to jump on the couch as if it was a trampoline. Everyone gave him an unearthly stare. Onew pointed his index finger straight at Jonghyun and say, "I WON! I WON! I WON!!! IN YOUR FACE, DINO-HEAD!!!"

Jonghyun did not mind. Carefully, he started to collect the cards on his hand. Key kneeled closer to him and whispered something on his ear, it made the lead singer blush, giving Onew bad vibes.

Key pulled Jonghyun's hand, signaling him to stand up and follow him. It placed a grimace on Jinki's smiling face.

“YAH! I thought winners do get the prize? Jonghyun lost the game!”

Key turns around and smile at him dauntingly, “who says losers can’t be winners?”

Jinki frowned, “THIS IS CONSPIRACY!!!”

Tags: *prompt entry, p: jonghyun/key, p: onew/key, shinee: lee jinki, t: drabble/one-shot
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