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Someday- Ch17

Chapter 17: Quixotic
Note: I have implied the prompt#017 of opusfanfiction 

Chapter 17: Quixotic

By the time I walked inside our org room, I heard Jonghyun snorted and cover his mouth. Indeed he was laughing at me. Hastily, he nudges Jinki's upper arm, which made him look at me. When his gazes met mine, it went downward –into my clothing.

His shoulders quiver, then he laugh loud. So does Ki Bum and Taemin.

"Yo~ prince charming, where's your princess?"

"I haven’t seen her, do you?"

Jonghyun smirked on my acerbic remark. He rolled his eyes and huffed -- irritated.

"Hyung!" Taemin pleaded, my head instantly faced him. Yes, I should, cause Taemin never calls me 'hyung', he would call me hyung when he only needs something. "I thought we're going to do the Naruto cosplay?"

"Yeah. Yeah. We thought you're man enough to fa---" Before they could sank me into their tense query, my head began to spin. Remind me, how did I end up wearing this vampire costume again?


"Minho! Minho~" My body bounces forward - backward, my head had to be shaken up from upward to downward. Yui was shaking me, forcing me to confess something to her. "Tell me, who's that girl?"

"I... I..." I laughed. She was funny. "I don’t know Yui." I held her hand, forcing her to stop doing this to me and she did. But she was still holding on my uniform.

"Uso~ you’re lying! You know her, don’t you?"

"I don’t know her!"

"Yes, you do!" She gripped my uniform again, this time she was aiming on my neck tie. "Spit it!"

"A-Ar-Ara-ga-ki Yu-i! I... I sa-id, I do-n't k-kn-ow her!!!"

"But I saw the way you stare at her."

"WHAT?! Is that a basis for knowing someone?"

She pouted and let go of my uniform whereas she look on the side, thinking. "You're right. It's just that, I never thought Jinki would be dating someone."

I chuckled. "Yah, Yui, Jinki is old enough to date someone, and he is not gay. Okay? If you’re that much curious, why don’t you ask him yourself?"

She gave me a half smile and elbowed me, "Are you jealous?"

"WHAT?! I am not jealous!" I could feel my cheeks burning, burning because of embarrassment not because of being jealous. "Why should I be jealous?"

"It's because, I’m talking about Jinki's love issues!" She smiled the same grin. I chuckled as I wiped my face from my forehead down to my chin. I'm not irritated, but I do find her childish acts way to cute.

"I have never been jealous ever since I was little...As I was saying..." I crossed my arms around my chest and closed my eyes to have a perfect concentration on giving Yui her lecture. "I should warn you, before you would come barging to him, Onew hyung doesn’t want to talk about his personal life, so neither anyone of us knows the real score about his personal affairs... If I were you, I would---"

"ME! ME! ME!" Ha? I open my eyes, only to find out that everyone is starring at us and the worst is, she is not listening to what I am saying. "Minho and I will do that!"

Do what?

I gazed at Yui intently and really confused, while she stared at me with those small eyes of hers making it bigger and scarier. "Right Minho, we will do it, right?" She asked me or more of the situation was like this: she was a mafia and I am a civil man forcing to join her gang.

I nodded vigorously in order for her not to be the 'wild' Yui, which everyone is scared of.

"Choi Minho will do it?" The class representative asks, confirming if I really mean it. I just smiled at him, uncertain of what would the future would give me.

Yui spun her head back to me and tilted it to the right, then she beams at me until her eyes got squinted, "Minho, arigato"

"Anything... that will make you happy."
I said to her with full sincerity.


"I thought you are a vampire, how come you're wearing a Prince customer?" Ki Bum inquires. I wonder too. Our class had decided that we will have a vampire-theme presentation for the school's festival, making me and Yui the models.

"Duh!" Jonghyun raised his fingers on the air. "Vampires do dress like a prince!"

"Well, he could dress up mo---"

I rolled my eyes and diverted my attention; I knew they would not stop arguing with one another. I dust off my clothes, as Onew hyung and Taemin helped me.


Minutes had past, still, nothing had changed. They could not stop their mouths. They even had gone deeper, something personal.

"Minho! Your 100 days anniversary with Yui is nearing, what do you guys plan to do?" Onew hyung asks me.

It made me smile and think. Hmm. What should I really do? What should I do, for us to make it memorable? Hmm.

"Hyung!" Taemin yelled again. "You should surprise her."

"I know. I know. I know. Don’t worry; I’ve got everything under my control!" I assured them, but Onew and Taemin are whispering something quite aloud for me, they said knowing me, I would definitely fail this.

"Tss. Me? Choi Minho would fail such a thing? NEVER!" We continue to laugh when out of nowhere they shut their mouths and their eyes became big as if they saw a ghost.

"Minho." the voice of an angel had spoken, calling my name in her most cheerful voice.

The world had literally stopped rotating around its axis.

Onew and Taemin had stood there frozen.
Jonghyun and Ki Bum had stopped fighting.
And me, I could literally feel my mouth drop down.

She twists and turns around, dancing in circle, with her happy smile. "Whatcha think?"

I suddenly felt my tongue retreated and then I swallowed hard. This time I believe what Yui had said before, I really have a good taste on girls.

"Minho. Choi Minho?" She snapped her fingers in front of me. I woke up from my sudden hibernation. I snapped out of it and shook my head. "I'm asking you, what do you think of my clothes?"


Before I could answer, Jinki, Jonghyun, Taemin and even Ki Bum who is her arch nemesis had pushed me on the side and clustered around her showering her with good compliments and making them fan boys.

I just stood there and watched her from afar. Sometimes, I would catch her taking glances at me and I knew, it was already enough for me, to know that it will always be me, the one who would she look at the most.


The event had ended smoothly, something I have never saw coming. Jonghyun and the rest went to ending ceremonial, while Yui insisted we should just stay here, at the rooftop and enjoying the scene -- the endless dance of the vivacity fireworks.

Yui had tightened her grip around my forearm, snuggling closer to me as her head were resting on my shoulder. I could not blame her, the evening air was getting chilly, and I wrapped my right arm around her shoulder as I tried to caress her arms, making her feel warm.

She removed her head away from me and stared deeply into my eyes. I mimicked her, and did the very exact gesture, slowly I could feel our face getting closer, until our foreheads were touched to one another, and our nose had bumped together.

I closed my eyes and I could feel her breath right into me. I could even feel the tip of her lips into mine.


"EH? EH?" She shouted. I opened my eyes and I felt droplets of cold water on my cheeks. "Nani kore?"

Without warning, the rain had flushed. I could hear other people howling. Me?


And me? I just stood here frozen, getting drench in this unexpected rain.

The unexpected rain that ruined the perfect moment.



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AN: 2 more chapters. + Bonus 1 chapter = 3 chapters to go.

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