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Chapter 19: Someday
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The next morning, I am certain that I am fully recovered and I am also positive that I should make up for what happened yesterday. Today, I brought with me a single sunflower again and a letter. A letter to compensate everything I did, everything I had ruined and probably a letter that would surprise her.

The first thing I did was to visit the locker area, drop the letter on her cabinet and leave the sunflower hanging on the handle.

I stride away moving an inch when I stopped. I saw my locker partly opened. I took some pace backward and check it. I saw a white neat paper, folded into two and above it was the necklace I gave Yui before.

I could feel my forehead, throbbing. I don’t know what feeling it was, however I’m sure, it brought me fear and anxiousness. I decided to pick up the necklace and placed it on my pocket.

I held the paper and open it; it was a letter. The first line read,

Choi Minho,

By the time you read this letter, perhaps I'm on my way to the airport.

I tried to laugh. But it seems like I am only fooling myself, trying to sound not surprised but the truth is, am scared to read the rest. I decided to fold it back after I heard the bell ring.

Later, maybe I’ll find the courage to finish this. Maybe.


The class ended five minutes before the time, and I was feeling nuisance. To my dismay, Yui did not attend today’s class, I tried to phone her for a couple of times but I did not hear a thing from her. I got worried and I consult our adviser but he said, he does know a thing either.

He should have, for he was our teacher.

I called Yanna telling her that I’m still feeling sick and I cannot go on to work today. She said it was fine, I might be a bothersome if I would go there.


When I got to my apartment, without delay I slumped myself on the couch; I remembered Yui once again and tried to call her, still no response. When things like this happen, of course she would call me, she would explain what happened and she would assure me that I had nothing to worry. Then again today is different, and I have a bad feeling about it.

I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate. I take in such random flashback on today’s happening; I suddenly remembered the odd letter.

I pulled it out and read once again.

Choi Minho,

By the time you read this letter, perhaps I'm on my way to the airport.

It started. I heave a sigh before I could continue. I was trembling; lastly I could feel something on my eyes. I sat on the couch and pressed my face closer to the paper and I continued reading.

I'm an average girl, and sometimes I wish I could be more than that: to exceed excellence. When I first came to Seoul, you're the first person whom I've noticed, or probably because you resemble him.

Him, my deceased boyfriend. It was the one year commemoration of his death. A death which was hard to accept, a goodbye that shouldn't have been made. After he died, I told myself that I would move on, probably someday.

But time was ticking, each day had passed, I could not wait. I wanted to move on faster, but they say ones feeling can linger a long time.

It was true. I had proved it.

I await the 'someday' I've always been promised. But it seems the longer I stay at Tokyo, the longer I got disillusioned and trapped by loneliness. Then I decided to fly to Seoul, perhaps, it'll be the perfect escape of him. Then I met you.

As the days seem to go on endlessly, my days with you has been perfect, somehow I spoiled the perfection.

I cannot erase my memories of him. I thought by if you and I would be together, that way, it would be almost like he had never died. And the pain would stop.

I’m scared that one day, perhaps in the future, I might call you by his name, ask you to behave as he used to.

I'm scared Minho... I'm scared that I might hurt you. But I was scared the most when you said, you like me. I'm scared to love again, I'm scared to get hurt again, and last I’m scared to be happy once more.

I knew I was the erroneous part of it. I cannot forget him, no matter how hard I try.

Then I realized, you and him are different people. And now, before you could share this pain with me. I must ought to go, to find that someday.

That 'someday' when things are supposed to be perfect... the 'someday' when I find my place in this unforgiving world.

Someday you'll forget the color of my eyes, the sound of my voice will be unfamiliar. Someday you'll forget that once you had loved me, the feelings will have faded, someday you'll forget.

We will, someday.

Minho, have faith in your dreams and sometime your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you believe, the dream that you wish will come true.

One day, I believe a princess will come your way, and she'll be the one.

I hope you'll find her soon, but only time will tell. Treat her nice, just like what you did to me. Lastly, move on and forget me. Live your life as if I did not exist, remember what I’ve told you, you’ll be okay without me, just as you are before. I want to share with you, something that I had once read: today will be tomorrow's yesterday.Tomorrows are just wishes, hopes and dreams. Everything will be history and even tomorrow will be a part of history... but for now, our journey continues.

When something ends, something beautiful begins… That really matters.

I will live... as if I were to die tomorrow...

Thank you for reading my letter, and for being my everything for the last 100 days. Till next time. Be safe.

- Aragaki Yui.

I was choking by the time I finished the letter. I bit my lips trying to substitute the pain I am experiencing; my lids weren’t dry enough to tell you that I am okay. I tried to let go of the thin paper, the longer I hold on it, the pain in my chest was more incurable.

“Minho?” She called out. I did not response.

I was shuddering as I wipe my eyes.

“Minho?” Her voice became more distinct. I look up and I saw her standing in front of me.

“Noona.” I stood up and she welcomed me with her soft warm arms. I buried my face on her shoulders as I felt her hand caressing my hair, comforting me as always.

“Shh. Shh. It’s okay Minho, don’t cry. I’m already here.”


A/N: Thank you for reading Someday, it finally had reached its ending. keke. Btw, I'm panning to post an excerpt to the sequel, hope you can give me your feedback, so that I'll know If I will continue to its sequel. Thank you very much! (:

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