Ahn Nika (cutterpillow92) wrote,
Ahn Nika

And Goodbye.

Prompt Name: 05. Solitude
Author: cutterpillow92 
Title: And goodbye.
Pairing: JongKey.
Rating: G
Word count: 419w
Notes: In response to OPUS- Prompt#05: Solitude.
Summary: Key occasionally loves to lie.

And Goodbye.

Five days, 16 hours, 4 minutes. I could have never pictured out that it would be the last smile I would flash to you and to everyone.


You were there and I was here, standing in front of you, at this very moment, we were caught in the same place, standing in the same ground, breathing the same air yet I could not understand why everything meant to me, while it meant nothing to you. The worst is, I could not understand why you can’t feel this.

You clapped your hands, asking and making sure every attention was with you. I titled my head upward as if I felt a strong breeze of electricity tingling my whole body, asking my brains cells to look up until our gazes met. Smile was etched on my face as I remember those days were you would place your soft and warm hand on my face, asking me to look up to you, and only you.

As my wretched eyes could not tear the sight of you, I had noticed you were smiling. Beaming to be exact, a grin that I had never seen, a smile that shows you are inconceivable happy, a smile that I have never made, and a smile that never was for me.

“I have something to tell you.” By that ‘you’ it meant us. To everyone. You tried your best to suppress all ecstatic emotions you felt, but it was understandable on your mien.

“What?” Someone had asked. His voice was distinct but I did not bother to look at anyone except for you.

You bit your lips, lowering your head and you were drawing circles with your foot, that is your undeniably hobby especially when you’re being introvert.

By the time you raised your head once more, we stared at each other eyes for a long time. I waited for your answer; every tick of the clock makes the momentum stop. Every tick of the clock makes this air of mine hitch on my throat, killing me softly.

“It’s official! We’re dating!” You said breathlessly without regretting. Simultaneously your fingers made a victory sign and with those actions of yours, indeed you were very happy.
But me?

I was unconditionally hurt.
It was the last sentence that I wanted to hear from you.
My knees gone weak.
I suddenly experience loss of breath.
Tears welled up on my eyes as I cleared my throat, trying to withstand the pain and say,

“Th---that's.... great.”

I lied.
11.09pm / 102910
01. I was supposed to post this entry the day I have heard about the KJH and SSK issue. I really got heartbroken as a JongKey fan. *sniffs. OH WELL.
02. Since a lot of writers have written for the same issue, I'll try to make one fluff fic about this, for a change. Tee Hee.
03. Btw, the last line was inspired by my other fic. keke. *zips mouth*

Tags: *prompt entry, p: jonghyun/key, t: drabble/one-shot
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